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Taster Facial $62 (45 minutes)

An aromatic facial that invites you to regain your energy with 100% natural active ingredients bursting with vitality.This taster facial includes a hand and arm massage with specialised products choosen for your skins specific needs.

*Calm Down Facial- $120 1hour – 1hr 15mins

Balances sensitive, reddened & irritated skin.
Alo calm gel mask ingredients made of aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid & panthenol has a calming & soothing effect.
Rash’s & irritation are visibly reduced due to the cooling effect of this mask.

*Hydra maximum facial- $120 1hour-1hr 15mins

A thirst quencher treatment for moisture lacking skin.
The intensively moisturising & regenerating Hyaluron performance serum is used to specifically supply the skin with moisture. Fine lines & wrinkles are visibly refilled leaving a fresh & firm skin.

*Black Clearing facial- $120 1hour-1hr 15mins

Clearing skin-refining treatment for impure & oily skin.
Deep cleaning & detoxification provides a clean & pure skin. Existing impurities are removed & the formation of new ones prevented, blocked pores are released leaving the skin radiant & beautiful.

*Ageless Future facial 30+ $120 1hour-1hr 15mins

Vitalising treatment for the first wrinkles & demanding skin.
Noticeably strengthened & smoother skin leaving a suppler youthful, fresh appearance.


*Time Control facial 50+ $140 1hour-1hr 25mins

Suitable for mature skin in need of regeneration, fine lines/wrinkles & loss of elasticity.
Products used have a smoothing & regenerating effect that provides a smoother & supple skin. The highly dosed ingredient power of the super vitalising biocellulose mask has a vitalising effect to supply the skin with new elasticity for firmer contours.

*Iceball massage add on- $15 15-20mins

Hermetically sealed PYREX glass balls containing a non-usable cooling liquid capable of cooling skin, reduces swelling, evens out redness & helps the skin to appear healthier providing your skin with a pleasant refreshing feeling.

*Super vitalising Bio cellulose mask add on- $10.00 10-15mins

For skin in need of regeneration, firming, smoothing, moisturising & cooling. Mask helps to counteract signs of aging while soothing & cooling irradiated skin.

*Algae mask add on- $15.00 10-15mins

Designed for sensitive, moisture lacking & dry skin needing calming & deblocking. Mask activates skin leaving it fresh & radiant.

*Fan brush massage add on- $10.00 15mins

A gentle double brush massage that stimulates the lymph flow & removes blockage while providing a visible balanced, relaxed skin.


FREE consultation!

We do one half of your face in a concerned area to show the instance difference in lifting of the facial muscles and how the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are softened. Results last up to 4 weeks.

Dermalift Non Surgical Face Lift (1hr 10 Minutes) $115

Dermalift Non Surgical Face Lift (1hr 30 Minutes) $130

Dermalift Eye Treatment (30 Minutes) $50


1/2 Leg (30 Minutes) $40

3/4 Leg (45 Minutes) $44

Full Leg (1 Hour) $52

Back Thigh (15 Minutes) $20

Bikini Line (15 Minutes) $20

Extended Bikini Line (30 Minutes) $34

First time Brazilian (1 Hour) $62

Brazilian Maintenance (45 Minutes) $45

Under Arm (15 Minutes) $24

Upper Lip or Chin (15 Minutes) $18

Upper Lip & Chin (30 Minutes) $25

Lower Arm (15 Minutes) $30

Full Arm (30 Minutes) $38

Full Leg Underarm & Bikini line $80

Full Leg Underarm OR Bikini line $64

Mens Back (30 Minutes) $35

Mens Chest (30 minutes) $40

Mens Back And Chest (1 Hour) $62


Nail Painting (30 Minutes) $20

Kids Nail Paint (15 Minutes) $15

French Tips (30 Minutes) $30

Express Manicure (45 Minutes) $40

Express Pedicure (45 Minutes) $40

Deluxe Manicure (1 Hour) $55

Deluxe Pedicure (1 Hour) $55

Gel Manicure (1 Hour) $42

Gel Pedicure (45 Minutes) $42

Deluxe Gel Manicure(1 Hour 15 Minutes) $55

Deluxe Gel Pedicure(1 Hour 15 Minutes) $55

Gel Soak Off (20 Minutes) $20

Gel Soak Off & New Set (1 Hour 20 Minutes) $45

Spray Tans

Full Body Spray Tan (45 Minutes) $50

1/2 Body Spray Tan (20 Minutes) $40

Make – Up

Full Make-up (1 Hour) $50

Full Make-up Offsite (1 Hour) $65

Full Make-up Trial (1 Hour) $35

Kids Make-up (15 Minutes) $15


10 Minutes $22

15 Minutes $33

30 Minutes $45

45 Minutes $58

60 Minutes $72

Relaxing Treatments

Head Massage (30 Minutes) $40

1/2 Body Massage (30 Minutes) $45

Full Body Massage (1 Hour) $62

1/2 Hot Stone Massage (30 Minutes) $55

Full Body Hot Stone Massage(1 Hour) $70

1/2 Body Exfoliant (30 Minutes) $30

Full Body Exfoliant (1 Hour) $45


Brow Shape (15 Minutes) $18

Brow Tint (15 Minutes) $20

Lash Tint (30 Minutes) $20

Lash Perm (30 Minutes) $48

Lash Perm & Tint (45 Minutes) $58

Lash Tint / Brow Tint / Brow Shape (45 Minutes) $48

Lash Lift (45 Minutes) $55

Lash Lift & Tint (1 Hour) $68

Eyebrow Tattooing $300

Eyebrow Tattooing Retouch $100 (8 weeks)

Eyebrow Tattooing Yearly Retouch $160

Consultation (Free of charge)




Pamper Package Deals


(2hrs 15 Minutes) $100

Deluxe Manicure or Deluxe Gel Manicure


Deluxe Pedicure or Deluxe Gel Pedicure


(2 hours) $120

30 Minute Back,Neck,Shoulder Massage

Decleor Taster Facial

Gel Manicure or Gel Pedicure


(2hrs 45 Minutes) $160

Full Body Hotstone Massage

Decleor Taster Facial

Head Massage


(5hrs 40 Minutes) $350

Full Body Exfoliant

Full Body Massage

Decleor Expert Facial

Deluxe Manicure

Deluxe Pedicure

*Glass of wine & small food platter supplied for you to enjoy with the ‘Deluxe Body Experience’

Baby Doll Pamper Parties



$258 for up to 6 Girls : $15 per extra child

Maximum 8 Children

Hydrating Hand Cream

Finger Nail Polish

Hydrating Foot Oil

Toe Nail Polish

Face Mask

Head Massage

Nourishing Lip Gloss


$420 for up to 6 Girls : $20 per extra child

Maximum 8 Children

Hydrating Hand Oil

Hand Massage

File & Finger Nail Polish

Individual Foot Soaking

Hydrating Foot Oil

Foot Massage

File & Toe Nail Polish

Face Mask

Head Massage

Face Moisturiser

Nourishing Lip Gloss


$420 for up to 6 Girls : $25 per extra child

Maximum 8 Children

Hand Soaking

Hydrating Hand Oil

Hand & Arm Massage

File & Finger Nail Polish

Individual Foot Soaking

Exfoliating Foot Scrub

Foot Massage

File & Toe Nail Polish

Face Cleanse

Face Mask

Head Massage

Face Moisturiser

Nourishing Lip Gloss

For these Parties we supply Bath robes, Disposable Jandals, Magazines, Group Photos, Fruit Punch, Light Nibbles & Decorations.

We host these Parties from the age of 5-15.

2 Children will be done at the same time and times will vary depending which party you pick for your princess.

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